Former industry and current trade, 2018


International Biennial of Miniature Arts Timişoara 2018, Mansarda Gallery of the Faculty of Arts and Design, Timişoara

26.10 – 15.11.2018


object book

BIBLIOPHILE BOOK AND OBJECT BOOK BIENNALE, National Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest
15.01 – 31.03 2018

The Mirror, 2017

 Foto: Roland Váczi

Foto: Roland Váczi


Visible City, 28.10.2017, 15.00-17.00, Railroad Park and street, Cluj-Napoca

The artist carries a mirror with dimensions 40x50 cm in an action taking place in the park / street. The action aims at direct interaction with the audience of any kind. The audience's reactions to the mirror are expected throughout the happening, including the fact that viewers can take and keep the mirror. The artist's mirror captures the emotions, feelings and action of the audience. It is like a camera whose photo frames resist price for a moment.

ON MY MONEY & Playground, 2017

printed mesh fabric, dimensions: an apartment block facade

installation, traditional romanian carpet and military toys, variable dimensions

Life a User's Manual, Art Encounters Biennale, Timișoara

Notebook in A6 format with 40 pages, 2016-2017

© Visual Kontakt
© Visual Kontakt

My notebook is one of nearly a hundred notebooks exposed those offered to be complemented by more artists across the globe by Visual Kontakt where I handwriting and put photos of Iasi. Notebooks will be exchanged between artists.

Secondary occurrence in the project Mazipos
Visual Kontakt Laborator 
str. Republicii, nr.47
Oradea, Romania
Curator: Carlos Carmonamedina

Abandoned space invaded by greenery, 2016

    © 2016 OAR Timiș

"PORT Exhibition 2016 , 03-17.11, Timis County Library, Department of Art, Timisoara, Romania

The Park (audio), 2016

Cezar Lazarescu  -  The Park (audio) from Cezar Lazarescu on Vimeo.

audio, 3:17
Sound Week, 14-20.03, Bucharest, Romania
Hear listening, Bucharest - the collection of postcards sound, A5 Gallery, 5 Amzei Square

Playground / Please touch!, 2015


Installation, traditional romanian carpets and military toys, variable dimensions

IN TIMES OF HOPE AND UNREST. CRITICAL ART FROM IAȘI, MNAC (National Museum of Contemporary Art), Palace of the Parliament wing E4, Izvor St. 2-4, Bucharest, Romania, curators: Cătălin Gheorghe, Cristian Nae
26.11.2015 – 20.03.2016

The installation proposed by Cezar Lăzărescu can be interpreted
on various levels. It may be seen as an ironic expression of the
precarious situation of current Romanian army, whose budget has
been considerably increased due to regional geostrategic tensions.
But it may equally be conceived as an attempt of institutional critique
which derides the intensified security measures taken by the National
Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest due to its location in a
wing of the Palace of Parliament  (the former House of the People).
Thus, the contradictions between rhetoric and facts, between the
pretences of public representation of these institutions and their
actual use in the service of the people are exhibited.

Text by Cristian Nae

EXIT, work & 1+1, 2015

Intervention, red tape on the floor and wall, variable dimensions
The opening of the 2015-2016 university year at George Enescu Art University, Iași, Romania.
28.09.2015, 10:30 and 12:30

Notebook in A6 format with 40 pages, 2015

© Visual Kontakt

My notebook is one of nearly a hundred notebooks exposed those offered to be complemented by more artists across the globe by Visual Kontakt where I handwriting and put photos of Iasi. Notebooks will be exchanged between artists.

Visual Kontakt Laboratory 
Republicii St., No.47, Oradea, Romania
18.06.2015, 19:00

What do we know about our world? We don’t have to look far to find out who stars in American reality shows, about the latest scandal in French politics or about the hairstyle trends in London. Why should we care about all that? For those living in Romania, for example, global media coverage is unidirectional; there is rarely anything in it focusing on our realities. This poor representation is shared by other peripheral localities, which comprise more than 80% of the world’s population.
What do we know about the gallery scene in South Africa? How do Malaysian artists support themselves after art school? How do Mexican immigrants struggle to use their language in the predominantly English-speaking United States? If we are seeking perspectives that emerge from a shared world view or similar life experiences, perhaps those are the voices that we need to hear. When peripheral artists grapple with issues of identity, social location, representation or belonging, or when they simply reflect on the places that formed them, the resonance this has in our own lives can be a great inspiration.
The exhibition Local Municipalities seeks to facilitate the dialogue among artists located in peripheries, globally. This remarkable exchange enables cross-cultural conversations for artists who are often situated at the margins of their economic and cultural centres.
After open calls and personal invitations through Visual Kontakt’s network of artists and curators, we carefully selected entries from a rich diversity of geographies and topics. We compiled nearly 100 notebooks by artists from remote enclaves or migrants in alien territories who speak from their condition of difference. These works will surprise visitors with material that sits outside our usual frameworks. And the project continues after the exhibition, when participating artists will exchange notebooks to extend the cross-cultural dialogue.
Local Municipalities recovers the old tradition of travel notebooks, one of the few means by which the curious could discover distant geographies in an era prior to low-cost air travel, mass media or the internet. This time, however, the artists who create the travel books narrate about their homes. Instead of a protagonist from the centre translating a foreign world, these notebooks produce accounts for and by the periphery; it is an opportunity for the periphery to speak for itself. Local Municipalities reflects the provincialism that exists in the artist’s context. Let’s not be afraid to recognize ourselves in the works of others! (Carlos Carmonamedina)

Singurătatea pietrelor/Solitude of stones, 2014


video, 00:28
salonvideo_SUBmissions, MAGMA Contemporary Medium, Sf. Gheorghe
18/12/2014 – 11/01/2015

SALON VIDEO and MAGMA Contemporary Art Space cordially invite you to the opening of the archive-exhibition salonvideo_SUBmissions. The project provides an interactive platform for the audience, which we can both actively select and be viewers of the different works. The exhibition presents 70 sound and videoworks, which were submitted to salonvideo's open call from 2013 for the exhibition MATTERS OF METHOD (Iași, December 6 –22, 2013).

After organizing the five editions of SALON VIDEO between 2012-2014, either by open-call or by research and invitation, we begin to understand and, all the more, question the various methods for selection and exhibition concepts construction. Through an exercise of total un-involvement and restrain from any kind of framing, we are now presenting an un-selected collection of works that have previously responded to the same theme (Matters of Method). These can be viewed in any order, depending on the the audience's momentary inspiration. It is possible that some works won't be played at all, while some others would be repeatedly viewed on the four viewing stations. Whenever the works are viewed, the processes of selection and framing are inevitable. Presenting them this way seems to be a paradox: while a set of sound and videoworks are presented as if they were on the screen of our personal computers, the viewing process itself is influenced by the public and the dynamic character of the exhibition space itself. This space can change at any time, anytime another work is played by another viewer, and even when the audience is completely still.

Daniela Pălimariu and Luminița Apostu

              Cezar Lazarescu Singuratatea pietrelor from Cezar Lazarescu on Vimeo.

"Our life is driven by methods and procedures. Do you know a method by which living stones?" Cezar Lăzărescu

Bulldozer watching itself in the mirror, 2014

Buldozer privindu-se în oglindă (Bulldozer watching itself in the mirror)
A project by Cezar Lăzărescu

8, 9, 10 August 2014
The esplanade of the Iaşi Palace of Culture
Inauguration: Friday, 8 August 2014, 19.00h

In 1997, the Iaşi artist Cezar Lăzărescu imagined a project for the public space around the Câlnic castle, part of an exhibition organised by the Bucharest SOROS Centre for Contemporary Art . His proposal at the time – Buldozer privindu-se în oglindă (Bulldozer watching itself in the mirror) –, however, did not materialise until now, in 2014, when Iași committed to putting it into practice as part of the project Mecanica unui proiect de artă în spațiul public din Iași (The mechanics of a contemporary art project in the public space in Iaşi).

Bulldozer watching itself in the mirror is staged for the first time in Romania, in Iaşi, on the Esplanade of the Palace of Culture, and, beyond the meanings that anyone could project onto it, this project consists in practice of the improbable juxtaposition of two objects of a functional nature: a bulldozer and a mirror. The juxtaposition of the two may attract the sympathy of the casual onlooker towards an object that signifies brute force, the basic instrument in the implementation of urban change, and, at the same time, a disruption of the day-to-day urban landscape – a different kind of spectacle. The artist's gesture, materialized in this temporary sculpture, relies on the wider public's monotonous perception of art by making an apparently brutal intervention, while at the same time appealing to empathy.

Art in the public space can teach one to DEMAND MORE THAN FIREWORKS and that it is meant to INTERRUPT RATHER THAN EMBELLISH... These are rules number 6 and 7 of the 12 NEW RULES OF PUBLIC ART imagined by Situations and Claire Doherty in 2014, rules that reimagine the whats and wherefores of public art.

The mechanics of a contemporary art project in the public space in Iași concerns the prospecting and materialization of an infrastructure that is most often invisible, consisting of governmental and nongovernmental organisations, funding means and mechanisms, local and regional public authorities, as well as the various relationships that need to be established between them and an artist in order to realize a contemporary art project in the public space of Iaşi. Establishing durable connections, based on genuine mutual knowledge and trust between the various agents of this dynamic field is one of the long-term objectives of Iași.

Cezar LĂZĂRESCU is a Romanian artist living and working in Iași. He graduated from „G. Enescu” University of Iași and is a founding member of Vector Association, since 2001. Among many others he participated in exhibitions such as: ”OPEN AIR CINEMA – DEMOLITION”, Chișinău, 2012, "Salon Video", ALERT Studio, Bucharest , 2012 ­”The City Menace ­ a critical view of urban space”, Iași, 2012, "Friends of the Divided Mind", Royal College of Art, London 2009. In 2012, Iași organized its first solo show and retrospective Cezar Lăzărescu: I like Periferic 3. In 2014 he participated, together with 1+1, at Bucharest Biennale 6, with ”BB+„ project. “Using incredible easy means (sometimes exclusively conceptual) I try to overpass the intellectual prejudices and stereotypes, being aware of the place I hold in the world and as well as of the fact that I can use and I can be used.” (Cezar Lăzărescu)

The team: Andrei Pripasu, Florin Bobu, Cezar Lăzărescu, Delia Bulgaru, Livia Pancu, Sorana Lupu and Andrei Timofte.
Thanks to: Dan Acostioaei, Ionuț Tudor, Mihai Vereștiuc, the Iaşi City Hall and Mihai Pricop.
Arhitect: Andrei Pripasu
Curator: Livia Pancu & 1+1

Main partner of the project "Mecanica Unui Proiect de Artă Contemporană în spaţiul public" ("The mechanics of a contemporary art project in the public space"):
the Iaşi County Council, through the 2014 Programme for non-reimbursable funding granted by the Iaşi County budget

The Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, Iași

The main partner of tranzit. ro is ERSTE Foundation.

BB+ cancelled, 2014

Cezar Lăzărescu & 1+1, BB +, art project in public space, mobile banners & audio recording, print banner frontlit PVC poliplan, frontlit, 4200 x 2500 mm. double-sided, sound message approx. 1 minute, 2014.

"The credit rating agency Standard & Poor 's confirmed Romania's rating at 'BB+'. This mark represents Romania's rating for long-term liabilities in foreign and local currencies out looking for the perspective of a positive rating due to export growth, fiscal consolidation and the stability of the financial sector. However, the agency warns about the decreasing of foreign investments due to bureaucracy and juridical incertitude, low absorption rate of the EU funds and the risk of not committing to the assumed reform engagements made by the Government before the elections. Therefore, Standard & Poor's maintains Romania in the speculative category, or "junk ", not recommended for investment.”

Update: Rating agency Standard & Poor’s has raised Romania’s rating by one notch to "BBB-" changing from speculative, or "junk" status, to one with a stable outlook, recommended for investment. (May 16th, 2014)

In Bucharest, Cezar Lăzărescu 's BB + project unfolds on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2014, between the 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. The mobile advertising car with the BB + banners will be traveling on the route: University Square / Intercontinental Hotel -Bucharest Biennale Info Point / Pavilion – Romanian Athenaeum – National Museum of Art of Romania - Institute for Political Research / Bucharest University – Piata Romana / Bucharest University of Economic Studies – The Romanian Peasant Museum – Triumph Arch – Crangasi Neighbourhood - Militari Neighbourhood – Drumul Taberei - Ghencea Boulevard - Ferentari Neighbourhood – Berceni Neighbourhood - Tineretului Neighbourhood – Rahova Neighbourhood - Palace of Parliament – Piața Universității - / Intercontinental Hotel.

Cezar Lazarescu's performance BB+ was cancelled.

Cezar Lazarescu's project BB+ produced by 1+1 in the frame of Bucharest Biennale 6 - INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF CONTEMPORARY ART, that was supposed to take place at Bucharest between 22nd and 23rd of May, 2014 was unfortunately cancelled.
The project could not take place anymore as our contracted partner, SC Motion Video Communication SRL, the advertisement agency in charge of realizing the campaign did not respected its contractual duties and refused to perform the mobile advertisement services that we contracted it for.
As a result of this, 1+1 association decided to take reparatory legal actions against MVcom.

A small scale documentation of this project - consisting in the audio message and the image that were to be made public through the mobile advertisement campaign may be still accessed in the frame of BB+, at Pavilion headquarters. (C. A. Rosetti street, no. 36, Bucharest)